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Steel Wire Mesh
Steel Wire Mesh / BRD Concrete Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh
BRD Concrete Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh
BRD Concrete Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh
Steel Wire Mesh

Steel Wire Mesh / BRD Concrete Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh

Steel Wire Mesh
BRD Steel reinforcing wire mesh, is a multi-purpose suitable for most structural concrete slabs and footings. Made from high-strength steel welded uniformly to form a square or rectangular grid. Available in Various Mesh Orientations and Customized Purposes.
Product Description
Product Description
BRD Steel reinforcing wire mesh, Made From High Strength HardDrawn/Cold Rolled Steel Wires, Electrically Spot Welded into square or rectangular grids by Digitally Controlled Automatic Welder (To Reduce Lost Of Tensile Strength). Available In Sizes A (Square), B (Rectangular), C (Long), DA (Small Square) & Staggered/Alternating Arrangements.

Mesh Orientation
TYPE A Square Fabric 200mm 200mm

Rectangular Fabric 100mm 200mm

Rectangular Fabric 100mm 400mm

Small Square Fabric 100mm 100mm
Steel Fabric (Standard Sheet)
Dimensions (Length/Width) 6.00m/2.20m
Size A, B, C and DA
Strength Of Reinforcement (N/mm²) 500
Steel Wire Grade BS 4482 Hard-Drawn Cold-Rolled
Wire Diameter (mm) Main Wire 4mm - 13mm
Cross Wire
Norminal Pitch (mm) Main Wire 100mm/200mm/400mm
Cross Wire
Steel Area (mm²/m) 49 - 1328
Wire Arrangement Staggered
Wire Form Type CQ (Round Bar)/ BS (Deformed)

Bend Type

End Anchorage In The Form Of Hooks And Bends Can Be Customized To Specific Requirements Of Clients

  1. Reinforce Concrete Structure as Internal Skeleton
  2. Eliminates Construction Wastage and Reduces Costs
  3. Save Time & Money With Reduced Weight And Easy Transportation
  4. Quality Inspection and Control Ensures Quality Materials And Welding
  5. Reduces Amount Of Steel Required For Construction by 25%
  6. Decreases Construction Time and Eases Installation

It Is Used As A Structural Reinforcement And Serves As Internal Skeletal Structure In Concrete Buildings, Prefabricated Cages, Precast Building Components, Retaining Walls, Slab Reinforcement, Precast Products Such As: Drainage Pipes, Box & Pipe Culverts, RC U-Drain Pipes, Industrial Concrete Panels Etc

Tension Laps

Tension laps length should be at least equal to the design tension anchorage length necessary to develop the required stress in the reinforcement.

Compression Laps

The length should be at least 25% more than the compression anchorage length. In the detailing of steel fabric, two cross welds are provided to transfer the stresses. In sidelaps of one-way slabs, half yield strength laps with overlap of only one cross weld are acceptable.

This is commonly used in top (negative) reinforcement. Full yield strength lap should always be provided when lap length is not specific.

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