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flexible soft mcm interior stone wall tiles
flexible soft mcm interior stone wall tiles
flexible soft mcm interior stone wall tiles
flexible soft mcm interior stone wall tiles
flexible soft mcm interior stone wall tiles

Flexible Soft Mcm Interior Stone Wall Tiles

Flexible Clay Tile
Soft porcelain is not a real porcelain or a ceramic tile. It is a new type of building decoration material. It has the appearance of ceramic tiles, so it is commonly known as soft porcelain. Later, with the development of technology, it can be developed into imitation stone and imitation leather Patterns, imitation wood, etc. can be imagined in soft porcelain.
Flexible Soft MCM Interior Stone Wall Tiles is a kind of new wall decoration material, use to substitute the traditional Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone, Paintings, etc, is made from the natural stone/mineral powder, high polymer material, is able to recreate the unique features and characteristics of natural stone, have more advantages than the traditional wall decoration materials.

Product Name Flexible Soft Mcm Interior Stone Wall Tiles
Material stone powder, high polymer material, fiber etc
Advantage Flexible, Thin, Lightweight, Fireproof, Waterproof, Easy Transportation & Installation, environmental, Breathable, Safe & healthy, low installation cost.
Size 600*300/590*290/585*285mm*(2-9)mm,
Weight 2.8-7.5KG/SQM
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 square meters
Installation cement/cement binder/silicon/ceramic glue/marble glue/nailing
Packing cartons, wood pallets
Application interior & exterior wall decoration
Fire-proof Level B1/A2
Useful Life UP TO 70 YEARS
1.All kinds of new and old building constructions of indoor and outdoor decoration;
2.Indoor and outdoor decoration of office buildings, hospitals, shops, restaurants, bars, and other public buildings;
3.Interior and exterior wall decoration of family homes, luxury apartments, villas, etc;
4.Particularly suitable for high-rise building exterior wall insulation decoration.

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