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The Importance of Wall Cladding Effectiveness


In BRD, we have External Wall Cladding also known as Calcium Silicate Board used to protect building from adverse weather elements as well as other types of irritants that could have a negative effect on the building. It is widely used in building or house exterior and interior wall, subway, tunnel, laboratory table, hospital partition, furniture and other fields. It is not only suitable for external wall insulation and decoration of new buildings, but also for energy saving and decoration transformation of old buildings. It is not only suitable for all kinds of public buildings, but also for external wall insulation of residential buildings.


BRD External Wall Cladding is for the protection and safety of the building and its occupants.It will make sure that the mechanical structure of the building remains sound, as it will be able to adapt to changing weather conditions. This is especially helpful in regions that go from one extreme temperature at one time of the year, to an extreme temperature during the other time of the year.  It will also help to reduce the amount of water that is absorbed and will provide protection against chemical or air pollution.

The advantages of using Wall Cladding are for high safety and lightweight, plate will not fall by external force (if any), single block closed structure is more stable and high cost performance per square meter compared to the traditional stone which costs more than half. Quality is stable and the factory-line production is formed, completely avoiding the quality risk which is easy to appear in the construction field. It also promotes excellent weather resistance, service life of more than 40 years, the same life as buildings.

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