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At BRD, we are committed to meeting our customers' diverse product selection needs, ensuring maximum satisfaction. Our materials have played a vital role in the successful completion of numerous projects worldwide. Explore and appreciate the excellence showcased in these remarkable building projects.

Application of our Pu sandwich panels in New Zealand shopping malls

For our large-scale shopping plaza project in New Zealand, we've opted for BRD's 75 mm PU sandwich panels as the primary building exterior wall material. These panels offer a unique set of advantages, perfectly tailored to our project's requirements. Their stylish and attractive exterior design enhances the shopping plaza's aesthetic appeal, while the vertical installation mode adds a sense of grandeur to the building. In addition to their visual appeal, the panels excel in thermal insulation, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient interior, a crucial feature in New Zealand's varying climate.
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Application of our Pu sandwich panels in Canadian warehouse

For our warehouse project in Canada, we have selected BRD's 150 mm PU sandwich panels as the primary building exterior wall material. These panels present a range of advantages perfectly suited to the warehouse's specific requirements. Their clean and minimalist aesthetics contribute to a functional design, a vital aspect for a warehouse. Featuring a 150mm polyurethane core, the panels provide outstanding thermal insulation, ensuring a stable and well-insulated interior environment, a crucial factor in coping with Canada's fluctuating climate conditions, resulting in improved energy efficiency. Moreover, their cost-effectiveness and minimal maintenance requirements make them a practical and economical choice for the project.
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Hamburg Office Building

Our Pu panels for office buildings in Hamburg, Germany

For the Hamburg City office building project in Germany, we've selected BRD's 75 mm PU sandwich panels, a versatile solution that combines modern aesthetics with superior thermal and sound insulation. These panels offer adaptability to meet diverse project needs, whether for office spaces, retail areas, or other purposes. Their sustainable and cost-effective design ensures energy efficiency and long-term performance, while contributing to a sleek and stylish architectural design. This choice aligns perfectly with the requirements of a multifunctional urban office complex in Hamburg.
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Application of our PU sandwich panels in Ethiopian office buildings

Purpose: Office Building
Location: Ethiopia
Product: 50mm PU Sandwich Panel

For this office building project in Ethiopia, we've chosen to employ BRD's
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