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What's the difference between purification panel and color steel panel?


The quality of the purification panel is better than that of the common rock wool panel, the appearance is smooth, and the internal filling material is thick. It is applied in the purification engineering field with strict indoor environment requirements. For example, the wall decoration of hospital surgery. There are many differences between the purification panel and the color steel panel, which can not only be seen from the appearance.

What is the difference between the purification panel and the color steel panel? There are many people who do not understand what the purification panel is and what is the difference between the purification panel and the color steel panel. From the appearance, there is no difference between the purification panel and the color steel panel. They are all composite panels made of color coated panel, stainless steel and other materials as surface materials, with rock wool and other fillers in the middle.

To say the difference, the quality of purification panel is better than rock wool color steel panel. It is widely used in the fields of electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research. The wall panel of high-grade living container mobile room is made of purifying panel, and the outer surface of wall panel is galvanized embossed panel.

Most of the ordinary color steel panel is used in the movable plank house of the construction site, as the wall panel and roof panel. Because the double-sided steel panel of ordinary color steel panel is only coated with a layer of color paint, it may rust and generate dust after a long time. Therefore, the ordinary color steel panel can only be used as workshop building and thermal insulation system with low requirements, such as prefabricated house, color steel panel room and external wall insulation of buildings.

The purified color steel panel has the following four advantages:

1. Light weight, due to the light weight of the purified color steel panel, convenient transportation and easy installation, the construction period can be saved.

2.Environmental protection and saving, the activity room made of purified color steel panel can be reused, both environmental protection and saving money, no pollution and no noise.

3.High strength, due to the steel structure, strong bearing capacity, compression and bending resistance. The surface is smooth and easy to clean. The surface of the purified color galvanized steel panel is not rough and has a long anticorrosion period, which is suitable for reuse.

4.It has excellent fire resistance, good heat insulation and sound absorption effect.

The rock wool sandwich panel gives full play to the unique performance of rock wool core material, and has significant effect in fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.

The material of purification panel is not only rock wool, but also glass wool, paper honeycomb, ceramic aluminum panel, glass magnesium panel paper honeycomb and other core materials. The skin on both sides can be made of more than ten kinds of laminating materials, such as color steel panel, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc panel, stainless steel, printed steel panel, aluminum foil, PVC, plywood, etc., and more than 20 types of composite panels.

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