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High Quality PU Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane sandwich panel is also known as polyurethane composite panel. It is a kind of color steel sandwich panel composed of double-sided color steel and intermediate insulation layer. It is usually used in large industrial plants/industrial parks/breeding farms/workshops,and other Steel structure buildings, with high-strength, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, soundproof and fireproof, durable polyurethane color steel sandwich panel.



Polyurethane rock wool board is a kind of polyurethane sandwich panel. Both sides are galvanized steel, in the middle is a Class A fireproof rock wool panel, and the two sides are sealed with rigid polyurethane foam, which successfully combines polyurethane and rock wool. The advantages of this combination (PU and Rock Wool) is not only good in thermal insulation performance, but also good in fire and flame retardant performance. It is recognized internationally as building fire insulation material.


BRD has focused on R&D/production of polyurethane composite panels for 25 years. Polyurethane rock wool board is one of the most popular boards.. The raw material of rock wool panels are made of A-grade natural basalt. Both sides are made of galvanized color steel panels. The overall panel strength is high, the side is filled with rigid foamed polyurethane, with good thermal insulation performance.




The thickness of polyurethane rock wool panel is: 50-200mm, color steel thickness is 0.4-0.6mm, wall panels/roof panels can be produced, and the insulation materials are polyurethane/rock wool board/glass wool. The specific specifications and materials can be customized based on customer request, BRD polyurethane rock wool board manufacturer hotline:+8618638188782 (free samples available)

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