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What industries and businesses need a cold room system?


Cold Room System is the room can be adjustable the temperature. It make sure the product quality by providing the proper temperature. According to the past study in Turkey, 100,000kg of pears were storing into the cold room with −1◦C. Result shows that 90% to 95% of the pears are in  good condition (Dalkilic, A. S., Kurekci, N. A., Kincay, O., & Wongwises, S., 2013).

The reason for using a cold room system because the product quality can be maintained even in the tropical weather country like Malaysia. For example, freezer products like ice-cream can be kept in the hot weather country by having a cold room system. Second, the cool room system using airtight construction even losing electricity, the temperature will be constant in a long time. Moreover, by having the cooler room system it saves the users’ money. This is because most of the food is rotten due to improper storage. It helps to reduce food wastage also.

The application of the Cold Room System in the food processing industry is to make sure the nutrition of the food but also maintain the physical of the food.

Food Processing Industry:

>> Sausage & Nuggets Food Processing Industry
>> Can Industry
>> Yogurt /Beverage Industry
>> Fish / Meatball Industry

The application of industrial refrigeration is to customize the cold room system for different customers. For example, the different sectors required different cool room systems like food processing, chemical sectors, and so on. The commercial refrigeration will normally apply to the supermarket or hypermarket. They using a glass door system which allows the customer to see clearly and choose the products.

Commercial Industry:

Supermarket / Hypermarket
>> Convenience Shop
>> Meat Retail Store

Construction will be using the cool room system as well as aircraft, automobiles, and so on. This is because reduce the existing heat from the engine to make sure it  runs effectively. Using Cold Room System to complete the project faster such as drying the construction’s pillar also call as Concrete Cooling Solution.

There are various Types of Cool Room System in the market such as remote cold room refrigerator system, walk-in-chillers and freezer, and so on. Different type of cool room system has a different feature (Cold Room Master, n.d.).

1) Remote Cold Room Refrigeration Systems
2) Standard Top Mount Cold Room Refrigeration Systems
3) Penthouse Cold Room Refrigeration Systems
4) Saddle Mount Cold Room Refrigeration System
5) Walk-in-chillers and freezers
6) Industrial Cold Rooms
7) Stores With Unit Coolers
8) Prefabricated Cold Rooms
9) Centralized Cold Room Refrigeration System
10) Super and Hyper Market Cold Room Refrigeration System
11) Flake & Block Cold Room Plant
12) Medical Cold Room, etc..

According to the research from the United State, it shows that the product needed to refrigerate is increasing. People are less purchase grocery online; it shows that only 3% in the current rate, but it will increase by 20% in the year 2025. The total cold storage facility in the United States is more than 2000 units. The sales in the cold room system sector increased in 2019.

Relevant Cool Room Photo

1. Warehouse

2. Hypermarket

3. Retail Shop


4. Cold Room Storage Room - Reefer Container

In BRD, we manufacture cold room panels together with a full set of Cold Room Systems. We provide various panel thickness as low as 50mm to as thick as 300mm according to customer requirements. 

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