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What Are the Main Components of a Cold Room?

1. Small cold storage is generally divided into two types: indoor type and outdoor type.

1. The ambient temperature and humidity outside the cold storage: the temperature is +35°C; the relative humidity is 80%.

2. The set temperature in the cold storage: Fresh-keeping cold storage: +5~-5℃; Refrigerated cold storage: -5~-20℃; Low-temperature cold storage: -25℃

3. The temperature of food entering the cold storage: L-level cold storage: +30°C; D-level and J-level cold storage: +15°C.

4. The effective volume of stacked goods in the prefabricated cold storage is about 69% of the nominal volume, and then multiplied by a correction factor of 0.8 when storing fruits and vegetables.

5. The daily purchase volume is 8-10% of the effective volume of the cold storage.

2. The body of the small cold storage

Generally, the panel is made of plastic-sprayed color steel plate, and the rigid polyurethane foam is used as the insulation material. The storage body has the characteristics of good rigidity, high strength, good heat insulation performance, and flame retardancy. The body of the small cold storage generally adopts the eccentric hook connection of the embedded parts inside the board wall or the on-site foaming and solidification, which has good sealing performance and is convenient for assembly, disassembly and transportation. The small cold storage is equipped with advanced refrigeration units, the storage capacity is fully matched with the refrigeration equipment, the cooling speed is fast, power saving and energy saving, and all automatic operations are safe and reliable. The small prefabricated cold storage is widely used, the temperature range of the cold storage is 5°C to -23°C, and the special prefabricated cold storage can reach below -30°C, which can meet the needs of different purposes and is suitable for use in various industries and departments.

3. Selection of refrigeration equipment for small cold storage

The heart of small cold storage refrigeration equipment is the refrigeration unit. Commonly used small refrigeration units use advanced fluorine machine refrigeration equipment. Fluorine machine refrigeration equipment mostly uses refrigerant R22 and other new refrigerants that have little impact on the environment. Fluorine machine refrigeration equipment is generally small in size, low in noise, safe and reliable, highly automated, and widely applicable, and is suitable for refrigeration equipment for small rural cold storage. The combination of refrigerators and condensers for small cold storage is often called refrigeration units, which can be divided into water-cooled units and air-cooled units. Air-cooled units are the preferred form of small-scale cold storage. It has the advantages of simplicity, compactness, easy installation, convenient operation, and less auxiliary equipment. This kind of refrigeration equipment is also relatively easy to see.

The refrigerator of the refrigeration unit is the heart of the refrigeration equipment. The common compression refrigerators are divided into open type, semi-closed type and fully enclosed type. The fully enclosed compressor has small volume, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving. It is the first choice for small cold storage. It is an air-cooled refrigeration unit mainly composed of a fully enclosed compressor. It can be made into a form like a split air conditioner and hung on the wall. The relatively good hermetic refrigeration compressors on the market are imported from developed countries or Sino-foreign joint ventures, and the quality of refrigeration equipment is relatively reliable, but the price is more than 50% higher than that made in China, which is more suitable for refrigeration equipment for small urban cold storage.

Four, small cold storage design points

The small prefabricated cold storage with the storage temperature below 0 degrees (-16 degrees) needs to set up 10# channel steel overhead on the ground (under the storage board) to allow natural ventilation. Small-scale cold storage, the temperature in the cold storage is 5~-25 degrees, and the cold storage panels can directly contact the ground, but the ground should be flat. If you require a higher point, you can place wooden strips under the cold storage to enhance ventilation; you can also place channel steel under the cold storage to enhance ventilation.

Five, cold storage engineering design and installation suggestions

In recent years, the development of cold storage engineering construction has become faster and faster, and everyone's understanding of cold storage has become more and more in-depth. The selection of building materials and various cold storage equipment has become increasingly mature. There are two main construction methods for cold storage projects, one is prefabricated cold storage engineering, and the other is civil cold storage engineering. At present, the prefabricated cold storage mostly chooses polyurethane storage body: the cold storage storage board is made of polyurethane rigid foam (PU) as the sandwich, and the metal material such as plastic-coated steel plate is used as the surface layer, which combines the superior thermal insulation performance and good insulation performance of the cold storage storage board material. mechanical strength combined. It has the characteristics of long thermal insulation life, simple maintenance, low cost, high strength and light weight. It is one of the best materials for cold storage insulation panels. The thickness of cold storage panels generally has two types: 150mm and 100mm. Most of the civil cold storage projects use PU polyurethane spray foam as the insulation storage board.

The selection of refrigeration equipment for cold storage projects mostly uses Freon refrigeration units, large-scale cold storage mostly uses water-cooled units, and small-scale cold storage mostly uses air-cooled units. It is very important whether the cold storage refrigeration equipment is properly configured. This is because a refrigeration unit with reasonable matching and reliable performance can not only meet the cold storage cooling capacity and cold storage storage process requirements required by the product, but also save energy and have a low failure rate. Now some enterprises and individuals who want to build cold storage blindly pursue low prices, ignoring whether the matching of cold storage equipment configuration is reasonable, resulting in the failure to achieve the cooling effect after use. Reasonably setting up and matching refrigeration equipment for cold storage projects may increase investment when building cold storage, but it saves a lot of money and effort in the long run.

The after-sales service of cold storage equipment is also very important, and the operation and maintenance of cold storage equipment and technical services are equally important. The vast number of warehouse building enterprises should conduct various investigations before building cold storage to determine a practical plan for building cold storage. Let yourself build your own cold storage with a high starting point and high standards, and strive for the best benefits for yourself.

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