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BRD Group Reaches Roofing Milestone at ALTON Super Factory in Malaysia

Recently, the BRD company's project team has completed the roof topping for ALTON Electrics' massive new super factory development in Johor, Malaysia.

The ALTON Electrics super factory is an ambitious mega-project spearheaded by the global innovator of clean electrical appliances and pneumatic equipment. Situated in Johor, the facility will encompass large-scale production plants, R&D laboratories, office towers, staff amenities, and more.
Color Coat steel roofing panels

For the expansive roofing areas, BRD supplied its advanced 0.66mm thick 788 Blue Color Coat steel roofing panels. Manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel using state-of-the-art coating lines, these architectural panels deliver exceptional corrosion resistance to withstand the harsh tropical maritime climate.
Color Coat steel roofing panels

"We are proud that our long-spanning Color Coat roofing system was specified for this landmark project's massive roof areas," stated Tim Huang, CEO of BRD Group. "Our 788 Blue panels offer a durable, aesthetically appealing roofing solution."

In addition to superior weathering performance, BRD's YXB66-394-788 Color Coat roofing panel is also fireproof, which can help impede flame spread and provide extra protection for the facility.
Color Coat steel roofing panels

From insulated polyurethane sandwich panels , rock wool panels, to single-element cladding like Color Coat, BRD Group's complete lineup of high-quality facade solutions continues to support ambitious architectural visions worldwide with innovative, high-performance building envelopes.

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