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BRD Materials Help Malaysia Mega Data Center Reach Roof Enclosure Milestone

BRD is proud to announce the successful topping out of the Malaysia Super Data Center, which utilized BRD's roof purlins and exterior wall panels.
BRD Malaysia Mega Data Center project

The MY06 project, located in the vast custom-built green data center park in Johor, has attracted significant industry attention and recently reached its topping out milestone. This project marks the first-ever modular data center construction with containerized modules exported from China, serving as a groundbreaking example of Qinhuai Data Group's comprehensive large-scale data center solution, representing a significant milestone.
/BRD Malaysia Mega Data Center Project construction

BRD Group's seamless corrugated polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool exterior wall panels were selected for the project, providing insulation, aesthetics, easy installation, and maintenance support for on-site construction. BRD undertook the production and on-site installation of the roof purlins and exterior wall panels for this project, which has now successfully topped out.
BRD Malaysia Mega Data Center Project topping out

BRD is dedicated to providing green, energy-efficient, and insulated decorative building materials, contributing to sustainable development.
BRD Malaysia Mega Data Center Project  enclosure

With its commitment to green and sustainable solutions, BRD Group continues to play a crucial role in the construction industry, providing innovative and environmentally friendly building materials. The successful topping out of the MY06 project serves as a testament to BRD's expertise and mission to support sustainable development.


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