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Polyurethane Color Steel Composite Board Manufacturer

Polyurethane sandwich panel usually refers to a composite panel composed of aluminized zinc color steel plate and polyurethane insulation layer on both sides. Generally it used as the wall panel and roof panel of steel structure buildings to play the role of thermal insulation. The surface color of steel can be changed with any colors according to requirements with types of plate styles which are flat, small corrugated, and wide beading that brings beautiful effect.

The commonly thickness specifications of polyurethane color steel composite panels used are: 50/75/80/100mm, etc. The thickness of color steel is generally: 0.4-0.8mm, the commonly used insulation materials are: polyurethane/rock wool/glass wool, and the fire rating is generally: Class A/Class B1/Class B2/Class B3. Specific requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.

BRD polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturer selects high-strength rigid foamed polyurethane and uses fully automatic production line to ensure the quality of the board. Two production lines can ensure sufficient output. The production board types include: polyurethane wall panels, polyurethane roof panels, polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool panels, polyurethane cold storage panels, etc.

The factory direct sales of polyurethane composite panels allows customers to reduce cost consumption to a large extent. Whether it is wall panels or roof panels, it can be customized according to customer requirements. Free samples are provided. BRD polyurethane rock wool board manufacturer hotline: +60 11 2291 7777 (Free samples are available)

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