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Polyurethane Side Sealing Rockwool Composite Board

Let’s buy polyurethane rock wool board with BRD. BRD New Materials (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a company integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales and service. BRD has specialized and professional manufacturing and technology with functional research & development and marketing team who are committed in becoming a global enterprise in the application and development of related products such as building decoration and energy saving.

Polyurethane (PU) rock wool board is internationally recognized as building fire insulation maintenance material. Rock wool has A-level fire resistance performance. The combination of rock wool and polyurethane also makes it have better thermal insulation performance. Double-sided composite aluminum-zinc color steel, Supplemented by hard foamed polyurethane filling on both sides of the tongue and groove, makes the overall sheet strength is higher, which is quite good among all color steel sandwich panels

The bulk density of BRD polyurethane edge-sealing rock wool board is 100-160Kg/m3, which gives good thermal insulation effect. Besides, rock wool is also recognized as a fireproof building material with fireproof level can reach Class A. It is now commonly used in construction. Every end of board connection is sealed inside to maintain good air tightness.

BRD produces polyurethane rock wool board using fully automatic production line and high-quality raw materials to ensure product quality. BRD offers factory direct sales, with more favourable price, and the specific specifications and styles can be customized as per requested. BRD polyurethane rock wool board manufacturer hotline: +60 11 2291 7777 (free samples are available)

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