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Powering Progress Through Innovation: BRD's 2023 Year in Review

BRD delivered another strong year of progress and performance in 2023, advancing our vision of enabling smarter and greener development through innovative building solutions.

We remained at the forefront of our industry through continuous enhancements to our diverse portfolio of construction materials like pu sandwich panels, cold room panels, insulation board, and integrated systems. Production efficiency gains across facilities ensured reliably high product quality and output.
BRD  production line

Customer centricity is core to our approach and 2023 highlighted the fruit of these efforts. Extensive application testing resulted in several product lines receiving top certifications for sustainability, durability, and indoor air quality. Our design and technical support teams also grew in expertise to provide clients expert guidance from project planning through to completion.

BRD played an active role in the global transition to renewable energy sources. Working in tandem with partners, we established photovoltaic integrated solutions as the new standard for eco-friendly building envelopes. Multiple high-profile solar farm and commercial roofing projects leveraged our solar panels and mounting systems to optimize energy capture and lifespan.

BRD photovoltaic panel

Internally, BRD sustained focus on nurturing an inclusive, knowledge-driven culture. Strategic recruitment and robust learning programs expanded our specialist technical expertise. Comprehensive digitalization of operations networks further streamlined productivity and service touchpoints for customers worldwide.

brd digital operation

After a year of maintaining leadership and enabling low-carbon development, BRD is well prepared to leverage our strengths into 2024 and beyond. Our mission of empowering smarter, greener communities through applied innovation remains core as we continue delivering pioneering solutions to clients globally.

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