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What are the foundation requirements for the construction of Light Steel Villas?

Nowadays, most people want to build their own house. Light Steel Villas is one of the best choices that can meet their requirements, but people might questioning on building foundation’s stability. In this article we explain you about the foundation’s requirement for Light Steel Villas constructions.

The foundation of the house refers to the soil that bears the load of the upper structure (light steel structure). It is not a part of the building, but it has a great impact on the robustness of the building. The big difference between steel structure buildings and traditional buildings is reflected in the foundation.The advantages of light steel villas over traditional building foundations are that they are time-consuming, low in cost, and do not need to invest too much manpower, material and financial resources. However, light steel villas also have high requirements on the foundation.

The first requirement is strength. The strength of the foundation soil must be high and it must have sufficient bearing capacity to ensure the stability of the superstructure. Light Steel Villa foundations are much less demanding than traditional building foundations because they weigh less than traditional building materials and exert less pressure on the ground.

Secondly, the requirement for the amount of ground subsidence. The foundation belongs to the ground part, not to the building part. Therefore, the amount of ground subsidence is allowed. However, it is necessary to ensure that within a certain safety range, if the amount of ground subsidence is too large, it is easy to cause the instability of the building and produce the hidden danger of safety.

Third, the requirement for the drop of foundation settlement. The foundation of a large building covers a large area. However, due to geological reasons, the amount of settlement that may be produced may vary from place to place, so there is a drop of settlement between places, so the fall of the settlement also requires a safe range, if the fall is large, the building structure will be unstable.

After reading these contents, should you consider where you choose to build a villa and carefully examine whether it meets the above three requirements? For the sake of safety and for the light steel villas we built to live more comfortably and at ease, you must remember to find a professional light steel villa manufacturer to help you carefully check whether the foundation is reasonable. In BRD, we are professional construction and taking all safety factors into consideration for the sake of customers. BRD Light Steel Villa manufacturer hotline: +60 11 2291 7777. Click here to view more products.

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