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【News】 BRD is certified by Rhine TUV in Germany.


BRD is certified by Rhine TUV in Germany!

After nearly half a year of covert visits, inspection, evaluation, BRD New Materials Co., Ltd. successfully passed the 2020 Rhine TUV International Certification Body's enterprise certification, this is the sixth time since 2015 BRD successfully passed this certification.

What is German TUV certification.

Germany TUV Rhine is an international certification body, operating in 61 countries around the world, is the international independent testing of product safety and quality and management system authority.

International high-end brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Huawei of China have chosen it as a quality certification for their products or services, and companies that have passed this certification are regarded as a model for the industry. At present, only more than 6000 well-known brands in the world have been verified by the German rhine company, which is equivalent to representing the organization's relevant quality standards by international recognition, and in line with international corporate standards.

This certification demonstrates BRD strong strength in product innovation and technology research and development, and lays a solid foundation for further enhancing the company's competitiveness in the global building materials market and deepening the pace of globalization.

BRD has been praised by customers around the world.

From the beginning of the brand, BRD to Seq. Technology manufacturing as the core, globalization as the direction of development, out of the deep cultivation of manufacturing and foreign trade complement each other. From a single person's foreign trade team to 3 foreign trade platforms, from annual sales of hundreds of thousands to more than 70 million, the rapid development of the foreign trade market to help BRD brand take off.

BRD main external wall insulation board, polyurethane composite board, purification board, steel composite board, multi-functional coatings and other new energy-saving building materials system, representing the latest development trend of global building materials, the market application is broad, widely used in real estate, large-scale industrial plants, garages, mobile housing, pavilions, stadiums, shopping centers, airports, power plants, hospitals and other fields.

BRD will continue to take concrete action.
To enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
To build a green energy-saving building materials system.
The development of Chinese manufacturing in the global market.
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