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BRD Secures Significant Insulated Panel Order from Nicaragua Through Language Integration

BRD Group has landed a major insulated panel order from a customer in Nicaragua. Donna Zhao, BRD's Sales Manager, creatively leveraged translation software to bridge the language barrier and effectively communicate with the Spanish-speaking client team. This approach allowed BRD to understand the customer's requirements fully and ultimately secure an order for 7,000 square meters of the company's high-performance polyurethane insulated sandwich panels.
sandwich panel factory

The order win demonstrates BRD's customer-centric philosophy and its commitment to providing tailored solutions by going the extra mile, even overcoming language barriers. It also reinforces the company's expertise in supplying premium insulated panel systems for cold storage, food processing facilities, cleanrooms and other temperature-controlled environments across international markets.
 sandwich panel production line

At the core of this project are BRD's state-of-the-art polyurethane insulated panels, which provide superior thermal efficiency and airtightness. The sandwich panel design features a rigid polyurethane foam core layered between two sheets of meticulously profiled and interlocked metal skins. This construction delivers excellent insulation values, vapor resistance, structural strength and a fully seamless, hygienic surface.
BRD sandwich panel production line3

"We take pride in our ability to communicate effectively with customers worldwide, even when language differences exist," stated Tim Huang, BRD's Chief Executive Officer. "By deploying translation tools, our team could fully understand this Nicaraguan client's needs and propose the ideal customized insulated panel solution."
BRD pu sandwich panel

From initial consultation through installation and after-sales care, BRD demonstrates its passion for ensuring total customer satisfaction on every project, regardless of location or language barriers.

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