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Polystyrene is extracted from oil. Thousands of small units of styrene, called monomers, link together to form large molecules of polystyrene by a process called polymerization.

The Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) production process uses a pure hydrocarbon, which does not contain any halogens and does not damage the earth's protective ozone layer, as the expansion agent.


The process involved in making EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) is quite easy to explain. Expanded polystyrene starts as small spherical beads with a typical diameter of 0.5-1.5mm. They contain an expanding agent.When the beads are heated with steam, the agent starts to boil, the polymer softens and the beads expand to about forty times their initial size. After a maturing period to equilibrate temperature and pressure, the pre-foamed beads, which now have a closed cellular foam structure, are packed in a mold and again reheated with steam. The mold is made in the same shape as the finished article. The pre-foamed beads expand further, completely fill the mold cavity and fuse together. When molded, nearly all the volume of the EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) foam (in fact 98%) is air. This is what makes EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) so lightweight and buoyant.

What can EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) be used for?

A major use of EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) is as a packaging material it can be used in rigid shapes designed to fit closely around an item such as a television set or as small pieces as a cushioning material to fill the space around products in a box. EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) is used within the car, electrical goods, construction and leisure industries as well as many others. EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) is widely used in the construction industry like cold storage house  to keep buildings warm (or cold!) and to reduce impact noise levels. It is produced in large, rigid, lightweight sheets that can be easily fixed to walls, ceilings and floors. Being so light in weight means that it is easy to fix and carry around the building site. It is also easy to cut with a fine tooth saw, knife or hot wire.

EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) panels that are packed in the cavity of a house wall will reduce heat loss up to five times that of a wall with no insulation. EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) can also be used to improve impact sound insulation in office blocks with solid concrete floors by damping impact vibrations. Large slabs can be laid quickly with no special equipment. Because it is so buoyant.

Sandwich panels are used in facades, partition walls and ceilings. The most typical applications include industrial, office and commercial buildings, sports halls, warehouses and power plants. The panels are also suitable for food industry construction and demanding clean room applications. 


Sandwich panels are cost-efficient prefabricated elements that consists of an inner insulation core between two colour-coated steel sheet layers. The insulating core can be mineral wool, polyurethane or polystyrene.

Sandwich panels have been applied successfully in many buildings and applications due to indisputable benefits resulting from this modern way of construction. More tradition-bound agriculture customers have also recognised the speed of construction, ease of maintenance and adaptation that a lightweight panel envelope contributes to a building.

Our insulated cold storage panel system has very low U-values and a high degree of air tightness. Cold storage panel thicknesses from 120 mm to 200 mm and different coating options for higher level of hygiene make them suitable for different types of cold storages. In addition to sandwich panels, ‘JSSSL’ offers a wide range of steel construction materials and tools needed for their installation. We also provide a comprehensive selection of professional services and full technical support.



• Excellent strength

• Splendid finish

• Optimum quality



Polyurethane foam sandwich panel is fit for the projects which have serious require of keeping warm. Polyurethane core material is considered to the best material in keeping warm and thermal insulation. 


The Polyurethane block material become steady after it froth, then combining with metal plates. The characteristics of this technique are: the polyurethane froth, after this chemical reaction is stable, we cut the polyurethane into pieces which with different thickness. The polyurethane sheet material has stable physical performance, it can combine with pre-painted hot galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheet, the surface is smooth and the whole performance is excellent.



• High quality Galvanized Steel outer shin hence very good life of more than 25 years

• EPS/PUF Insulation of high quality hence excellent thermal and acoustic installation

• Light weight and easy to install

• Bare minimum steel frame work hence very economical

• 100% leak Proof

• Available in customized lengths

• Energy saving

• Maintenance free

• Ease of dismantling and quich relocation


Applications / Uses:

• Industrial shed

• Ware house

• Malls

• Commercial complex

• Prefabricated guest house

• Site office

• Labor colony

• Shelters

• Bunt z houses

• IT Park Hostels

• Schools

• Security posts

• Rest rooms

• Defense Post


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