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Why choose polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board

Polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board, also known as polyurethane side-sealed rock wool board, makes full use of the thermal insulation properties of polyurethane and the fire resistance of rock wool. It is a new type of composite board that integrates heat preservation and fire protection. Polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panels are made of two layers of high-quality color coated steel plates or other precision profiled metal sheets. After roll forming, the rock wool/glass wool after splitting is turned over 90 degrees (to make it The fiber is perpendicular to the upper and lower two layers of steel plates), through the high-strength, high-cohesive, high-fire-resistant binder, the high-quality rock wool/glass wool and the metal panel are strongly bonded and composited to form a beautiful, smooth, and rigid Of building boards.


This new type of polyurethane rock wool sandwich panel is divided into two types: roof panel and wall panel. It can be widely used in the roof, external wall and internal partition of industrial and civil buildings that require fire protection, sound insulation, and heat preservation, especially for high fire protection requirements. s project.

Advantages of polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board:

   In terms of material, polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board has more polyurethane edges on both sides than ordinary color steel rock wool sandwich board. In terms of performance, polyurethane has better bending resistance and load-bearing effect, so the polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board is stronger than ordinary color steel sandwich panels and is not easy to be disconnected, and the insulation effect is better.


1) Excellent fireproof performance: The raw materials, production technology and formula used in the polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel make it have a good fireproof function.

2) Good thermal insulation: The thermal insulation of the polyurethane double-sided sealing rock wool sandwich panel is based on the thermal conductivity of the rock wool λ=0.043 W / m. K, and the thickness of the rock wool core material is proportional Calculated

 3) Sound insulation and sound absorption results are remarkable: The polyurethane double-sided sealing rock wool sandwich panel has a significant reduction in noise transmission, and is especially suitable for places where designated flights pass. In addition, after the use of rock wool roof panels, rain and hail impact on the roof steel plates of the building and cause indoor noise, which is also significantly weakened.


Polyurethane rock wool board is currently internationally recognized as a fireproof and thermal insulation board for building enclosures. It has low thermal conductivity, good load resistance, high flexural strength, no water absorption, no decay, no insect bites, good flame retardancy, and wide temperature resistance range.

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