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Key Research and Development| BRD Aerogel Special Project Selected as Key R&D Program

Recently, the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province announced the acceptance list of key research and development special projects in Henan Province in 2024. Among the accepted projects are two aerogel projects. BRD's project "Key Technologies for Low-cost and Low-carbon Preparation of Silica Aerogel and Application in Industrialization" has been accepted as a key research and development special project.
Aluminum Aerogel panel

BRD has been deeply engaged in continuous innovation in new materials through ongoing investment in research and development and technology transformation. The company closely follows the development directions of the new materials market and focuses on customers' pain points, devoting itself to research and innovation to upgrade the new generation of aerogel coatings, aerogel aluminum panel composite board and aerogel exterior wall insulation and decorative board series products.

Aerogel products not only improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of new materials, but also have advantages such as low thermal conductivity and light weight like pu sandwich panels, which can significantly reduce the heat conduction of buildings and provide excellent thermal insulation effects, while achieving high energy efficiency and environmental protection.

By applying aerogel materials to insulation and decorative board products, it not only meets the building industry's needs for energy saving, emission reduction and green building, but also improves the fire resistance, aesthetics and construction efficiency of buildings.

What is aerogel? Aerogel is a new generation of highly efficient thermal insulation material with a nano-porous network structure and gaseous dispersant in pores. It is the lightest solid in the world. Its unique structure gives it outstanding performance in multiple fields such as thermal, acoustic, optical, electrical and mechanical. Currently, aerogel is mainly used for its high thermal insulation capacity in downstream applications such as petrochemicals, district heating networks, lithium batteries, building materials, outdoor clothing, aerospace and defense industries.

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