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MCM---New Choice for Wall Decoration


It is a new type of building decoration material. BRD Soft Porcelain is a flexible building decorative surface material made of modified clay (MCM) as the main raw material, formed, baked and irradiated by a special temperature control molding system.

Advantages and features

1. The appearance of BRD soft porcelain can completely restore the natural effect of stone surface products, and can also be shaped according to the design requirements. Compared with the hidden safety problems caused by the falling of traditional ceramic tiles due to years of disrepair, the soft porcelain has light and thin texture, acid and alkali resistance, frost resistance, and is more safe and environmentally friendly.

2. The product has a fast production cycle and can replace traditional building materials with high energy consumption and low environmental protection, such as ceramic tiles, paints, and marble.

3. The “light, thin and soft” qualities of BRD soft porcelain can avoid the shedding of rigid material tiles and other condensed hollow drums. It is also an ideal wall decoration material for high-rise buildings and old wall renovation.

4. Factoryization and large-scale integrated production escort the quality and solve the customer's concerns about the widespread construction cuts in the decoration market.

5. "Three-point materials, seven-point construction" is more effective than building materials. Reasonable construction affects the quality of the building more, and BRD soft porcelain can be constructed on site, and it is not affected by weather, environmental protection, and skill level of construction personnel. influences. Greatly reduces the probability of various problems caused by unreasonable construction.


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