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Polyurethane Four Wave Roof Applied To Dekang Livestock Farm Project

On May 7, China Vanke Co. 's official website announced job openings for pig farms, including the general manager, veterinarian and development manager of the farm. The team of "cross-border" pig farmers is growing, from international investment Banks to Internet giants, and now real estate developers are joining the battle.


Animal husbandry industry is in full fire. Recently, BRD supplies Sichuan Dekang Animal husbandry project with polyurethane composite board construction in progress. The project adopts BRD 24000 square four-wave crest polyurethane roofing board, 6000 square meter polyurethane cold storage partition wall board, BRD has no care for quality, and will do its best to convoy animal husbandry high standard construction.


                                                                     Win-Win, High-Standard Project Construction

Sichuan Dekang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Food Group Co., LTD. (Dekang Group) is deeply engaged in modern agriculture, animal husbandry and high-end food industry. Now, it has two (2) national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, three (3) business segments, and more than 90 enterprises spread across 14+ provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, making it as the largest farming and animal husbandry enterprise in southwest China.

This new project is contracted by Nanyang Construction Group Corporation, which has very strict requirements in environmental protection, food safety and supervision. After several layers of screening, BRD stands out from many suppliers by virtue of its years of deep working experience in the field of new energy-saving building materials.

                                                               Trend, Environmental Protection and Green Choice

Mr. Liu Yantao from BRD Domestic Trade Department recommends customers to choose BRD polyurethane roofing board and wall panel products, and provide customize product service to meet customers' engineering demands in an all-round way.

BRD polyurethane four wave roof, adopts a large area design, and increasing span space. The surface colour is bright without decoration, helps in increasing aesthetic and flatness. The middle layer is made by high density rigid polyurethane foam insulation with flame retardant treatment. The bottom surface of the thermal layer is an aluminum foil protective layer that plays a role of heat insulation, heat preservation and moisture proof. Besides, the screw installation structure is hidden to completely solve the roof leakage problem.


                                                                          BRD Special Farm Roof Panel

BRD polyurethane cold storage wall panel insulation design, does improves the insulation and air tightness of board joints, super bearing capacity, no deformation, easy installation, shorten the construction period by more than 40% and the panel surface is smooth and flat. BRD not only ensure the aesthetic appearance, but also for the product practicality and durability.

                                                                            Worry-Free with All In One Service

Large-scale projects have strict requirements for delivery time. Therefore, BRD provides all in one comprehensive services. The planning and design department, production department and warehousing and logistics department all cooperate together. BRD Senior Engineer, Mr Jiao Gong from Production and Technology Department conducts face-to-face communication and real-time tracking with customers, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.

                                                                                    Project Construction Site

Over the past 25 years, The brand Of BRD has been well known at home and abroad. BRD people have always been adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, sharing and win-win", providing systematic solutions in the field of building materials with exquisite quality and sincere service, and growing together with customers. We welcome you to visit, cooperate together and get BRD consultation!

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