BRD has a full range of products in new building materials. For example: garage doors, polyurethane panels, integrated thermal insulation panels, cold storage panels, purification panels, container houses, and scrap metal processing. To ensure that the customer's product selection needs are maximized.
Polyurethane Wall Panel

French Polyurethane Wall Panel Factory

Project: Polyurethane Wall Panel FactoryAddress: FranceProduct: Polyurethane Sandwich Wall Panel
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50mm sandwich panel

Australian Chocolate Factory Project

Project: Chocolate Factory Project Address: Australia Product: 50mm polyurethane sandwich panel
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Cold room panel

Mongolia cold storage project

Cold room panel with cam lock as core material, and zinc-plated & color-coated steel sheets& stainless steel sheet & aluminum sheet as the upper and bottom sheets. The panels are formed by heating and pressing with high-intensity glue , we produce the panels one by one , it can make the panels much more strong and good quality.
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Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Application Australian Storage Room Project

BRD polyurethane cold storage panel is under construction in the Australian mobile storage room project, which is a representative of the classic cases.
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BRD Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Ski Resort Project

Interior latex paint is a type of water-based paint prepared by using polymer emulsion as a film-forming material, synthetic resin emulsion as the base material,
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Direct hit site, Manila Cold Storage Project

PU sandwich panel, also known as polyurethane sandwich board, polyurethane composite panel and polyurethane energy-saving panel, is correctly said to be polyurethane thermal insulation sandwich panel for building.
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Cold Storage and Logistics Center Project in Peru

Nowadays, the rock wool sandwich panel is widely used for cleaning workshops, industrial factory buildings, office buildings, stadiums, villas, and public buildings,prefabricated house etc.
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Sandwich Panel Power Plant Project in Australia

Sandwich Panel Power Plant Project in Australia

Sandwich Panel Power Plant Project in Australia
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