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Sudan Khartoum Government Power Plant Project

Sudan Khartoum Government Power Plant Project

100mm Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
Sudan Khartoum Government Power Plant Project
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Recently, we received a good new from Sudan. The Khartoum government power plant is nearing completion. This project is constructed by several companies from different countries, so this plant has high requirements for products.

Due to this project is made for generating power, so our sales manager recommended rock wool insulated panels for customer. Our rock wool sandwich panels best advantage is fireproof. More importantly, environmental-friendly rock wool panels are strong resistance to deformation, not easy to crack and can achieve the same life as the building.

Due to this building is of great importance, our senior engineer Mr. Jiao went to site for tracking schedule and provided construction guide. He even stayed with workers for a month in order to guarantee the successfully completion of the project. Mr. Jiao said:” I’m so happy to be here and provide solution to problems for customers. It’s my mission and also BRD’s mission.”

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