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BRD Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Ski Resort Project

BRD Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Ski Resort Project

Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel
BRD Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Ski Resort Project
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Project: Ski Resort Project

Product application: BRD 100mm polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel

Product specifications: Rock wool core material, A grade fire protection

Address: Sudan

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As one of the top ten indoor ski resorts in Sudan, the Sudan Ataiais Ski Resort will also be screened by the selected suppliers. In view of the special nature of the ski slope project, and considering the required strength and aesthetic properties of the panel, BRD recommends that customers choose 100mm thick polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel


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BRD introduced the most advanced Italian PUMA polyurethane composite board production line, which effectively guarantees the flatness of the wall panel. Compared with peer companies, it has obvious advantages in accuracy and stability. At the same time, BRD polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel has A-grade fire resistance, strong deformation resistance, and is not easy to crack, and can reach the same life as the building.


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BRD pays attention to every detail and tracks the whole process from the early stage to the late stage of the project. BRD design senior engineers communicate technical problems on site and provide one-stop value-added services to relieve customers of all worries.

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BRD Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Ski Resort Project

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