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How Much Is A 75mm Polyurethane Rock Wool Board Manufacturer


The Price of 75mm polyurethane rock wool board given by different manufacturers will be slightly different. There are many factors that affect the price, such as region, production technology, material quality, etc., which will more or less affect the overall price of the board. When purchasing a 75mm polyurethane rock wool board, the overall cost performance needs to be considered.

One of the factors affecting the price of polyurethane edge sealed rock wool board is the material of rock wool board. Generally,a good rock wool board has a bulk density of more than 100, which not only has good thermal insulation properties, but also has the performance of fire and flame retardant A level. It belongs to a higher standard of rock wool. The price of this polyurethane is around 120 $

 For polyurethane rock wool boards with prices below 100$, the bulk density of rock wool boards generally used is around 7/80, with poor quality performance and low fire resistance. The quality of color steel plates will also affect the price. Generally, high quality color steel suppliers, such as famous companies like Baosteel, have relatively good steel plates, which not only have high bending and compressive strength,but are also durable.


BRD has produced polyurethane rock wool boards for 25 years. The product quality guarantees your satisfaction. The rock wool is made of high-quality basalt, with bulk density of 120/140, and the fireproof level reaches A1 level. Enterprise cooperation,durable and anti-corrosion, core material specifications are generally 50-200mm, can be customized according to customer requirements, BRD polyurethane rock wool board manufacturer hotline:+6011-22917777     


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