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What is Cold Room System ?


What is Cold Room?

cold room is a storage room that generally designed for storing products in which a temperature can control by people. Since the end of the 19th century, 

cold storage room has been an important part of the industries. Cold rooms are used to store anything that needs to be refrigeration to avoid it becoming perished. 

Many products that need refrigeration system for example fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, flowers and others. The temperature of the cool room is depending on

 the product that will be stored. For foods storage for their preservation, such as frozen foods, which are stored at below zero temperatures. 

Some vegetables and fruits are also stored at 0°C.


Cold Room System Design & Development



Why want to apply for a cold room?

Cold storage is a typical room with low temperature, it can maintain temperature with refrigeration and air conditioning techniques. 

The refrigeration systems are critical to extending product life and help maintain product quality. It also helps to reduce the wastage

 of commodities. The most common place to use a cold room is the food industry. Business premises here tend to use them to store

 large amounts of food. This enables them to purchase the things that they need in mass and to be able to store them without

 worrying about the foods becoming perished.

How does cold room work?

All the cold room refrigeration systems have 5 main components:

1. Compressor
2. Condenser
3. Expansion Valve
4. Evaporator coils
5. Fan or fans


First of the components is the compressor. The compressor is which compresses the refrigerant gas. Second is 

the condenser which lets the hot gas be cooled to a liquid. An expansion valve is to control flow of the liquefied gas and where liquid

 gas expands to vapor. After that, evaporator coils are where the liquid gas expands and boils. This process absorbs energy, cooling 

the coils. Lastly are fans. Fans are to circulate air over the cold evaporator coils, thereby cooling the cool room. Air may also be 

circulated over pipes containing some type of liquid antifreeze, which have themselves been cooled using the evaporator. 

Fans also circulate air around the cool room to ensure even distribution of the cold air and reduce temperature variations within the room.

Where can apply these cold room?

>> Grocery stores.
>> Restaurants and kitchens.
>> Hospitals, clinics and medicine.
>> Science laboratories and research centers.
>> Food processing or food manufacturing.
>> Information Technology and data centers.


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