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Comparison of The Advantages of Polyurethane Rock Wool Board And Ordinary Rock Wool Board

Polyurethane rock wool board uses high-quality color coated steel plate as the surface material, continuous rock wool and glass wool as the core material, and high-density rigid foamed polyurethane as the groove filling. After high-pressure foaming and curing, the cotton cloth is automatically densified and made of super Long double-track controlled molding compound, the molded polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board has excellent fire resistance, heat preservation, environmental protection and other characteristics, providing a good choice for industrial building enclosure systems.


The following is a detailed introduction to the comparative advantages of the new polyurethane side-sealed rock wool sandwich panel and the ordinary rock wool panel.

  A, thermal conductivity

   Polyurethane side sealing rock wool board: ≤0.025 W/m·k

  Ordinary rock wool board: ≤0.043 W/m·k

  B, compressive strength

   Polyurethane side sealing rock wool board: ≥150KPA

  Ordinary rock wool board: ≥100KPA

  C, flame retardant performance

  PU edge-sealing rock wool board: Class A non-combustible

  Ordinary rock wool board: Class A non-combustible


D, density

  PU edge-sealing rock wool board: 80-120KG/㎡

   Ordinary rock wool board: 40-60KG/㎡

  E, sealing and waterproof

Polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board: Polyurethane double-sided sealing rock wool sandwich board adopts an assembly line production process, which takes advantage of the excellent water resistance of polyurethane products to overcome the shortcomings of rock wool that is easy to absorb water and deliquescence, and effectively extends the product’s physical properties. Service life.

  Ordinary rock wool board: There is no edge sealing on both sides, water can easily penetrate and cause the board to deform

  F, plate type overlap

  PU edge-sealed rock wool board: hidden lap joint, effectively prolonging the service life

   Ordinary rock wool board: Nail type installation, exposed to the outside nails are easy to corrode

  G, environmental performance

  PU edge-sealing rock wool board: Polyurethane edge-sealing can effectively prevent the exposure of rock wool

   Ordinary rock wool board: no polyurethane edge sealing causes the rock wool to be exposed

BRD polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in the walls and roofs of steel structure buildings. They have good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and the polyurethane does not support combustion, which is in line with fire safety.


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