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Exterior Decoration Panel Project In Chile

Exterior Decoration Panel Project In Chile

100mm Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
Exterior Decoration Panel Project In Chile
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BRD With high quality and high services has stood out from more than 20 exterior insulation decoration wall panel suppliers, and reached a cooperation to build exterior walls including teaching buildings, dormitories, canteens, commercial streets, graphic information centers, college student activity centers, and sports training. Center, comprehensive experiment building, innovation and entrepreneurship training building, etc.

The safety of the campus environment is very important. It is reflected in the external walls of the building. BRD exterior insulation decoration wall panel is light in weight, adopts a sticky anchor combined with double insurance fixed mode, and is constructed in accordance with standard procedures. It is safe to prevent detachment and protects campus safety without worry.

There are many traditional wall insulation procedures, and the construction process is complicated and complicated. BRD's exterior wall panel factory prefabricated, reduced the 12 processes of traditional external wall coating to 5 and completed the integrated assembly of insulation materials, decorative layers, sealing system and fixing system in the factory, which can be directly installed on the wall, effectively Reduce field operations. At the same time, the integrated board is less affected by the environment, greatly reducing the impact of construction pollution on the surrounding environment.

BRD's exterior wall panelsolution not only increases the durability of the building, but also meets various design requirements of educational buildings to achieve rich appearance effects.

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