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light steel villa
light steel villa
light steel villa
light steel villa

Prefab Houses Movable Light Steel Villa

Light Steel Villa
Light steel construction technology is a production system where building elements are produced from galvanized steel with cold forming process. The building details whose structural design is realized are conveyed to the machine and formed on the specially designed Structure Robot lines. Human errors are minimized by means of prefabrications realized in factory environment and on robot lines.

The main material of the light steel villa is a light steel keel synthesized by hot-dip galvanized steel strip through cold rolling technology. After accurate calculation and support and combination of accessories, it plays a reasonable bearing capacity to replace traditional houses. The main components have four major structures: light steel frame structure, wall structure, floor structure and roof structure.

The floor of the light steel villa is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel frames or composite beams, OSB structural panels on the floor, supports, and connectors. The materials used are oriented strand board, cement fiber board, and plywood. Each square meter of these light-weight floors can withstand a load of 316 to 365 kg. The weight of the floor structure system of the light steel villa is only one-fourth to one-sixth of the traditional domestic concrete floor system, but the height of the floor structure will be 100 to 120 mm higher than that of the ordinary concrete slab.
Light Steel Sandwich Panel Modular Prefa House Villa
Roof and Wall EPS/Rock Wool/PU sandwich/fiber glass sandwich panel
Purlin C-Section and Z-section
Surface 2 primer and 1 finished paint or galvanized
Drawing 1. Quote as clients' drawing
2. Design as per clients' requests and quote.

  • 1. Seismic resistance of light steel houses: Due to the light weight of light steel structure buildings, the metal material properties and the necessary shear wall structure form determine the natural seismic performance of light steel structure systems. When the earthquake intensity is 9, it can meet the requirement of not collapsing.
  • 2. Sound insulation of light steel residence: ① Wall sound insulation ≥ 45db ② Floor slab impact sound pressure ≤ 70db Insulation According to global climate zone requirements, the thickness of the outer wall and roof insulation layer can be changed arbitrarily.
  • 3. Wind resistance: Wind load can reach 12 typhoons (1.5KN / ㎡).
  • 4. Light steel residential environment: ecologically recyclable steel, wood, plastic 100% recyclable.
  • 5. The safety of light steel houses: there is an essential difference between permanent buildings and color plate houses and mobile homes. The service life of the house reaches 50 years required by the state.

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